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On February 15, 1989, under the auspices of California’s Williamson Act, the Flying O Ranch's developers entered into an agreement with Madera County that created 34 contiguous, 40-acre agricultural preserves on about 1,400 acres of grazing land in the Sierra Nevada Foothills between the old California townships of Coarsegold and O’Neals. That's a mighty long sentence and a whole lot of numbers. What's unique about this agreement is its eco-friendly design and careful execution. These landowners could have hacked their property into seven-acre, three-acre, or even one-acre “ranchettes,” set up a system of paved roads and community utilities, and raked in substantial profits—as have countless other rural developers. 
Welcome to our version of Shangri-La: a 40-acre island of (relative) serenity in a 1400-acre sea. Protected by miles of dirt road, security gates with ever-changing codes, and forbidding signs, we have fallen off the GPS map. We wind down the hill 2.5 miles to pick up our mail and consider ourselves lucky when the UPS truck finds its way to our door.
Lane Wipff
Road Grading Today April 9th, 2019-Phoenix Loop
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Sheriff dispatcher call 675-7771 or 675-7770
local fire information call 674-4661 or (209) 966-3621
Power outages and PG&E emergencies: (800) 743-5002 or (800) 743-5000
Game Warden: 689-3086
Is it a burn day? Call (877) 429-2876 or Click Here
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New Tasting Room to Open in Oakhurst
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Distillery Coming to Oakhurst
Oakhurst Spirits Coming Spring 2017
Cattle Round Up!
Jesse Hutchins is bringing the cows back to the ranch March 18th, 2019. Lock your gates!
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