Flying O Ranch
Board of Directors
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Flying O Ranch Community Association
Description of the Board and Duties
The Board of Directors consists of five elected members, who then elect three officers; a Chairman, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. Lane Wipff will be assigned to facility improvements and Deb Sprinkel to special projects. A special Board appointed volunteer assignment was created for Mark Glass acting as Ranch Manager Liaison. The primary duties of the Board are to:
  • make financial decisions (track income, approve current expenditures, assess future expenditures and review financial reports on Ranch accounts 
  • collect fees and assessments, and keep open financial records 
  • manage the Cattle Grazing Lease 
  • make sure the Association is in compliance with all pertinent governmental regulations (taxes, Homeowner's Association, Williamson Act
  • report back to the owners through minutes and other communications on the state of the Ranch, its finances, governmental relations, maintenance projects and any developments of interest to owners 
  • oversee the work of the Ranch Manager 
  • oversee the upkeep and maintenance of common assets; the facilities on Lot 27, the roads and gates 
  • encourage and support membership in Ranch committees, receive reports and recommendations from the committees and make decisions based on that input. 
 The Chairman writes the agenda and chairs Board meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounts, sending out invoices, collecting dues and writing checks on behalf of the Association. The Secretary takes minutes, publishes them to the owners, and makes other communications when necessary. The Board will also appoint a Liaison to the Ranch Manager - who will meet with the Ranch Manager on a monthly basis, direct and keep track of the Ranch Manager's work - and a Liaison to the Barn Committee. See the By-Laws for changes to Board functions and elections. 
 Next Board Meeting:
2019 Annual Meeting:
Saturday Jan 7th, 2017-10:00am @ the Clubhouse
Saturday April 6th 10:00am at the Clubhouse
Miscellaneous Documents
Chairperson Liz Cheadle
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