Flying O Ranch
Design Committee
Where the sky is bluer and the grass is greener
Background and Community Philosophy
Design Committee
The Flying-O Ranch was conceived as an alternative to the all too familiar type of 
property development that results in the “suburbanization” of rural areas. It was the 
belief of the Flying-O developers that it is possible to implement a low-density 
development that retains the essential nature of this beautiful area. In order to ensure 
that this promise would be maintained over the years, guidelines were created for the 
development of the land and maintenance of the common areas. These are contained 
in a document entitled “Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (“CC&Rs”), the terms of 
which form a part of every property sale. Unlike many “planned” developments, the 
intent of the CC&Rs is not to legislate housing design standards. Rather, they are 
intended to ensure that new development will not adversely affect the overall ranch 
Building on the Flying O
Design Commiittee Description
Design Submissions Jan 2008
Tichenor Proposal
Design Committee Mission
Under the CC&Rs, a Design Committee was envisioned and implemented to preserve the delicate balance between the needs of parcel owners to create individualized homes and home environments and the needs of the Flying O community as a whole to experience as much of the ranch as possible in its natural state.
The basic premises that guide the function of the Design Committee are simple: 
  • As people are attracted to the Flying O by the quiet beauties of nature, the Committee must ensure to the extent possible that new development does not infringe upon these attributes. 
  • Provide guidance in the selection of safe home sites that wil not adversely affect the ranch environment. 
As you explore your property and begin thinking about potential Home Sites, keep in mind that your choices must satisfy the needs of four constituencies: 
• You and your family 
• Madera County and its building codes 
• Mother Nature 
• The Flying O community as represented by the Design Committee
Design Committee Volunteer Members
Member Dave Sprinkel Lot 3