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Emergency Information
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Emergency Information
For all emergencies, including local fires, call 911. Call 675-7771 or 675-7770 for the sheriff dispatcher. For local fire information call 674-4661 or (209) 966-3621. Power outages and PG&E emergencies: (800) 743-5002 or (800) 743-5000. Game Warden: 689-3086. To track the progress of a fire via the Web, go to  
  • Flying O Ranch owners and residents: Here's a copy of the emergency phone tree and instructions on using it.  
  • Also for Flying O Ranch owners and residents: Here's the radio ready instruction sheet for those of us who own two-way radios.  
  • If you must evacuate, it might be good to have this fire emergency checklist printed out and ready to go. It also makes a useful tool for fire planning.  

  • Your input is welcome. Please send us any emergency contact information that should be on this page (such as equestrian evacuation, help with pets, nearest purveyor of cold beverages, etc.).  

Resident Incident Reports
  • Make sure you know where everybody is - including kids and animals. Ready pet carriers and animal trailers.   
  • Take out your Flying O Ranch emergency packet or click the phone tree link below (owners only, please). 
  • Tune your radio to 911 and talk: "This is _____, is anyone else on the radio?" 
  • If there is no one else on the radio, start the phone tree and make contact with at least one other person. 
  • Turn on your scanner if you have one. 
  • Load boxes with important papers, photos, etc. and . 
  • If you need to leave, take visual items – pictures off the wall, your favorite bedspread. 
  • It will help you recover if you lose your house. 
  • Park cars facing out of driveway. 
  • Place patio furniture inside house or garage. 
  • Leave water hoses in sight around your house. 
  • Turn off air conditioners/swamp coolers.  
  • Close all windows, vents and garage doors. 
  • Leave all doors to house unlocked. 
  • Turn off propane at the tank.

Emergency Documents

Additional Resources