Flying O Ranch
The Facts
Where the sky is bluer and the grass is greener
There are 34 parcels in the Flying O Ranch Owners Association. All of the lots range from 37 to 40 acres in size. One lot is designated as the "common parcel." This lot is owned by the developer but is maintained by the Association. It is for all owners and their guests to use and serves as a cattle staging area for the Flying O Ranch's cattle grazing business.  
All lots within the Flying O Ranch are considered agricultural preserves under the Williamson Act. The developers' Land Conservation Contract with the County of Madera was recorded in February, 1989, in Official Records Book 2107, Documents 3216 and 3234-3237. The parcels cannot be subdivided into smaller parcels. Owners may not fence more than 10 acres. The Association leases the unfenced areas for cattle grazing. In keeping with Williamson Act guidelines, the Association earns money from the lease. Owners and their guests may use unfenced areas for outdoor recreation. The CC&Rs govern what types of recreation are permissible.  
 As an association, the Flying O Ranch assesses dues from each owner to maintain the common parcel, roads, gates, garbage collection, Ranch Manager's house, etc. Currently the dues are $285 per quarter.  
The Ranch
The Facts
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Williamson Act

The common parcel has a club house with kitchen, shower and restroom; a pond; a ranch manager's house; and an equestrian center with a tack room, covered stalls/corrals, arena and round pen. The residence allows the Association to have a ranch manager to help with maintenance and find solutions to ranch problems.

It is very important to read the CC&Rs if you are a prospective owner. Because the Flying O Ranch is a unique community and a working cattle ranch, there are items all owners must abide by: 
  • Be aware of limitations on use of the land. If you have a specific use for the land in mind, it is important to make sure it is allowable under the CC&Rs so there is not a problem after purchase. 
  • For building, all structures must be set back off the road and out of the site lines of other home sites. 
  • All aspects of structures and proposed structures (to include houses, barns and other out-buildings, size and color, ponds etc.) must be submitted to and approved by the Design Committee. The Design Committee was put in place to make sure buildings do not detract from the beauty of the ranch and that nothing interferes with our status as a Madera County agricultural preserve. 
  • The speed limit on ranch roads is 20 mph as they are shared by hikers, horseback riders, mountain bikers, cows/calves, and ATVs. Watch out for pets, too. 

Welcome Home!
 The Association has a Board of Directors that is elected each year at the Annual Owners Meeting. The Board generally meets one time a month. Owners may attend the meetings. The minutes are sent to all owners via email. The Association's financial status is provided to owners on a monthly basis.  
In addition to the Owners Meetings, we have a potluck almost every month. It is a good way to meet your neighbors and have an enjoyable evening with great food. When there is work around the ranch, we try to schedule volunteer work days. It is a way to give back to our community and keep our dues down.