Flying O Ranch
Financial Reports
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Flying O Ranch Community Association
Financial Reports
The Board of Directors consists of five elected members, who then elect three officers; a Chairman, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. Lane Wipff will be assigned to facility improvements and Deb Sprinkel to special projects. A special volunteer assignment was created for Dave Sprinkel acting as Ranch Manager Liaison. 

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  Annual Statement
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  Annual Meeting Mins 2016   Reserve Report Winter 2017  
  Annual Meeting Mins 2015      
Chairperson Liz Cheadle Lot 12
Treasurer Deb Slaybaugh Lot 19
Secretary Karen Sadler Lot 30
Facilities Lane Wipff
Lot 26
Special Projects
Deb Sprinklel Lot 3
Ranch Mgr Liaison Mark Glass Lot 19
Board Members