Flying O Ranch
Board Meeting Minutes
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Flying O Ranch Community Association
Board Meeting Minutes
The Board of Directors consists of five elected members, who then elect three officers; a Chairman, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. Lane Wipff will be assigned to facility improvements and Deb Sprinkel to special projects. A special volunteer assignment was created for Mark Glass acting as Ranch Manager Liaison. 
Next Board Meeting Saturday January 7th 10:00am in the clubhouse!
2019 Annual Board Meeting April 6 @10:00am in the clubhouse!

  Monthly Board Meeting
Meeting Date
  Annual Meeting
Meeting Date
  Ad Hoc Meeting Meeting Date  
  Dec Board Meeting 12/3/2016
  Annual Meeting 2016 4/9/2016   Annual Meeting 2016 Post Note 4/9/2016  
  Oct Board Meeting
  Annual Meeting 2015 3/28/2015        
  No September Meeting    
  Aug Board Meeting 8/13/2016  
  Jul Board Meeting 7/2/2016  
  No June Meeting    
  May Board Meeting 5/21/2016  
  April Board Meeting 4/9/2016  
  No March Meeting     Annual Meeting 2008 3/15/2008        
  Feb Board Meeting 2/28/2016   Annual Meeting 2007 3/17/2007        
  No January Meeting     Annual Meeting 2006 4/1/2006        
        Annual Meeting 2005 4/2/2005        
        Annual Meeting 2004 4/3/2004        
        Annual Meeting 2003 4/5/2003        
        Annual Meeting 2002 4/6/2002        
        Annual Meeting 2001 4/7/2001
        Annual Meeting 2000 4/8/2000        
        Annual Meeting 1999 3/28/1999        
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Special Projects

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Ranch Mgr Liaison
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