Flying O Ranch
The Ranch
Where the sky is bluer and the grass is greener
Living on the Flying O Ranch:
We could discuss the richness of nature; the wind in the bullpines; the scent of sage, manzanita, and whatever happens to be in bloom (along with just a whiff of cow flop). The lichen-splotched granite, with its ever-changing colors and skittering lizards. The mountains and mesas looming blue. Wheel-hammering roads, creaking gates, and cantering horses. The deceptively festive lights of big, flat Fresno down below. But enough of the purple prose. Here are some facts about the Flying O, along with some opinion on what it's like to live here.  
The Ranch
The Facts
Our Gallery pages: Fauna and flora—of these a plethora. Sunsets, mountains, and wildfires too. The art of ranch owners and visitors ranges from perfect to pretty darn good. The Lane's Wildflowers and Lane's Critters galleries are now open for business. Admission is free. Please pardon our dust as the build-out continues.
Topo Parcel Map
Williamson Act
Location: Here we are, in the Sierra Nevada foothills between Fresno and Yosemite, a working cattle ranch with a locked gate at either end to ward off poachers and keep in the cows.